• Kongchang Wei

How to shoot right cells into "wrong" hearts?

It has been many years that many are searching for an ideal material/method for shooting right cells into "wrong" hearts. Still, it seems that the bullets are far more ready than the guns for our battle fighting #CardiavascularDisease. As #BiomaterialScientists, we need to catch up and work more tightly with experts like @Arun Sharma, who has been working with such powerful bullets.

Science, 2020, 367(6483), 1206.

"The heart is limited in its ability to regenerate lost cardiomyocytes (beating heart muscle cells), following an adverse event such as a heart attack. Cardiomyocytes derived from hiPSCs (hiPSC-CMs) may represent a potential replacement option for dead cells in such a scenario. However, certain issues remain to be addressed, such as whether hiPSC-CMs can integrate with host myocardial tissue in the long term." by Arun Sharma, Stem cells to help the heart, Science, 2020, 367(6483), 1206.

Injectable hydrogelbiomaterials could be the gun for such hiPSC-CMs bullets. However, to fulfill a complex set of properties for this specific application, a lot has to be done from polymer science as well as material &tissue engineering. After being involved in a few projects related to this direction during the past 6 years, I am now feeling more eager than ever to team up with passionate researchers – together, we aim at the "wrong" heart with a better gun loaded with the right bullets.

ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019, 11(51), 47707-47719.

Relevant Publications:

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